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Post  food on Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:04 am

Recruitment requirements!

1. Register in the forums.
2. Meet minimum age requirement.
3. Must have a microphone and Vent and use it. (Vent ip. Port. 6200)
4. Fill out Application and have ViperKiller or an appointed helper review to become mFc-R.

After you become a Recruit, The process is as follows:

A: Wait 1 month from time of -R. tag.
B: Have a vote with minimum 10 points to accepting them in.

Here is the point system.

1 point for a regular mFc. member.
2 points for any mFc. admin.
3 points for any cF.

Recruit Application.

1. Real Name (First name Required.):
2. In Game Name; Not your steam friends name:
3. Steam Login; An admin will add you:
4. How old are you:
5. We require a microphone for being in mFc., Do you have one and use it?:
6. Who referred you to the site:
7. What games do you currently play:
8. How long have you been gaming overall PC, Console, Otherwise:
9. Tell us why you think you are mFc. material:
10. Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself? (I.E. job, school, kids, etc.):

Please copy recruit application fill out and make sure you contact the right people to help get you in.

Thank you for your time and effort we look forward to gaming with you.

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