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Post  WhiteBoy on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:52 pm

As my grandma annoys the fuck out of me next to me...

I'd like to say that I'm glad you guys managed to get back on your feet. I told you twisted was a retard, but no one ever listens to me Smile I know the rest of the story behind it, I just don't want to rant about it.

The site is alright, I know it's free forums, not to peppy about the theme but it's better than some plaid color. Also, food, I know phpbb3 is a tough faggot, but you need to fix the permissions. Regular members can view the clan forums.

The server is alright as well. Shots register but just like twisteds dumb ass on the last server, I still can't bhop! Sad sv_airaccelerate 100 now now now! Anyway, you need to fix the gun order. Instead of random guns, you have the weapon list on random. Don't know if that was your intention but if you want RevGG it needs to be default_weapon_order and #reversed - just helpin'.

In regards to me, I took the toll on myself last year and completely dropped out, taking GED this year. My new computer is beast (which is why I still play on the server, aside from all you ol' chaps). Money issues are getting cleared up and next month, I'd like to donate you some cash or throw you a free server Smile (I still have my dedi goin' strong.)

Hope to see all of you in the server one day Smile It was fun hearing smokey from the first memory I have meeting him getting kicked out of mFc LOL and huggy but no raging Sad Ow

Take care.

P.S. You're running sourcemod, get sourcebans. It makes admins easier to be added and you can control everything from it. sourcebans will run on any free site (but not free forums)


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Post  food on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:23 pm

nothing is worng with a free forum D=

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